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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is an Indian television drama show which airs on channel Star Plus. The show was premiered on January 12, 2009 and is one of the longest running Hindi Indian series. It is really appreciable that the show has moved through various phases in its story line, welcomed many new faces after many popular faces left the show and still regarded as popular as it was in the beginning with maintaining its TRP ratings under top 5 most of the times. The show has been successful because of the loyal viewers of the show. The crew, writers, technicians, and actors of the show shares very warm bond. It is due to the positive attitude of the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast that the show manage to complete more than 10 years on the screen.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast

Let’s take a look at the star cast of the show:

Mohsin KhanMohsin Khan- Mohsin Khan essays the role of Kartik Goenka in the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He certainly plays an ideal son, husband, brother and friend on screen. People loved his character giving him immense popularity inside and outside the show.


Shivangi JoshiShivangi Joshi- Shivangi Joshi plays the role of Naira Goenka. She is wife of Kartik Goenka in the show. They shared sizzling chemistry onscreen, always stood by each other in all the difficulties giving major couple goals to everyone. People call them “Kaira” because of their unique chemistry.


Rishi Dev

Rishi Dev- Rishi Dev plays the role of Naksh Singhania, son of Akshara and Naitik Singhania (the main lead of the show). He in the show is an obedient, shy and hardworking man who loves his family and can do anything to save them from problems. He is married to Kirti Singhania (sister of Kartik Goenka) in the show. They both portrayed a couple who respects, loves, and give proper space to each other in the show.


Mohena SinghMohena Singh- Mohena Singh portrays the role of Kirti Singhania, wife of Naksh. She has won millions of heart with her role of soft spoken and sensible girl Kirti Goenka. In the show, she plays perfect daughter, daughter in law, sister, wife and friend letting people love her the way she is.


Sachin TyagiSachin Tyagi- Sachin Tyagi plays father of Kirti Singhania and Kartik Goenka. His character name is Manish Goenka, who appeared very strict to everyone but has a warm heart who loves his son and family more than anything. He showed his decent and intense side in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. His character is married Suvarna Goenka.


Parul Chauhan- Parul Chauhan essays the role of perfect mother and wife. She showed pure love of mother for her child, a wife who supports and trusts her husband, a home-maker who knits the family together. She brings different versions of her acting and showed it to the world.


Vishal SinghhVishal Singhh- Vishal Singhh plays the role of Naitik Singhania who is an ideal father, son and husband. He joined the cast of the serial when main lead who was playing this role of Naitik (Karan Mehra) left the show. The show gave him name and fame making him an idol role model.


Ali HassanAli Hassan- He plays the role of character named Akhilesh Goenka who is younger brother of Manish Goenka in the show. He very efficiently showed a bond of two brothers who love and stand by each other in all the ups and down.



Shilpa RaizadaShilpa Raizada- Shilpa plays the wife of Akhilesh Goenka. Her character is liked by everyone giving her the name and fame she deserved. She carried off her character very well and is loved by her fans.



Kshitee JogKshitee Jog- Kshitee Jog being an experienced and talented actress did justice to the role she was provided with. She plays second wife of Raj Shekhar Singhania. A perfect wife and mother, she showed the real side of women who loves her family like anything.


Puja JoshiPooja Joshi- Pooja Joshi portrays the role of Varsha who is Akshara’s best friend and is as lively and innocent like her. Varsha fell in love with Akshara’s brother and eventually got married with their family’s approval in the show. She in the serial is Akshara’s true soulmate cum best friend.


Neha SaroopaNeha Saroopa- Neha Saroopa plays Naitik Singhania’s younger sister Rashmi Rajshekhar Singhania. She didn’t continued long with the show but her character garnered her a good name in the industry.



Vaishnavi RaoVaishnavi Rao- Vaishnavi Rao plays the role of Mansi Goenka who is cousin sister of Kartik Goenka. She got married to Anmol who is cousin of Naira Singhania in the show.



Kanchi SinghKanchi Singh- Kanchi Singh essays the role of Gayatri. Her role is quite different. She has shown different shades of her character in the show from positive to negative. The show helped her to make her name in the television industry.



Rohan MehraRohan Mehra- Rohan Mehra plays the elder son of Naitik and Akshara Singhania. He showed the strong bond of brother and sister. However, he left the show earlier but got the enough recognition among audience that he got the offer from reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan.


Anshul PandeyAnshul Pandey- Anshul plays the role of Naman. His part in the show was not much but he justified his work with his great acting skills.



Shivansh KotiaShivansh Kotia- Shivansh Kotia is young artist who played the role of young Naksh Singhania (son of Naitik and Akshara Singhania).



Ashnoor KaurAshnoor Kaur- Ashnoor Kaur essays the role of young Naira Singhania (lead actress of the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai).



Nidhi UttamNiddhi Uttam- Niddhi Uttam portrays Nandini Mahendra Pratap Singhania who is Naitik and Rashmi’s first cousin. She is daughter of Daddaji and Bhabhima.



Ashish KapoorAshish Kapoor- Ashish Kapoor is an Indian actor who plays the role of Nikhil in the show. He didn’t get much to provide in the show though he did justice with whatever the role he has to play.



Karan Mehra- Karan Mehra plays the first Naitik Singhania (he later left the show and was replaced with Vishal Singhh). Handsome, youthful typical son of a Marwari family who believes in his customs and traditions. He marries Akshara, together they embark the journey of their love with their respective families as a couple.


Hina KhanHina Khan- Hina Khan essays the role of simple and sweet girl Akshara. She being the only girl in three generations of her family was pampered and adored by everyone in the family. She represented an image of courageous girl who can do anything for her family. A perfect daughter, wife, mother, friend is what her character is about.


Sanjeev SethSanjeev Seth- Sanjeev Seth plays an authoritative and dominating man Vishambhar Nath (father of Akshara) who is staunch follower of his traditions. Behind his authoritative aura, he is also very affectionate and emotional for his family.



Lata SabharwalLata Sabharwal Seth- Lata Sabharwal plays lady of the house. She is wife of Vishambhar Nath and always tries to keep the family together in every situation. Her character got hyper easily and could cry and laugh with spectacular ease.



Vinita MalikVinita Malik- Vinita Malik plays Daadiji who accepted her place in the house after the death of her husband. She guides her family whenever necessary. She is Akshara’s main guide and friend who always advise her regarding what’s right as per the situation.


Sonali VermaSonali Verma- Sonali Verma portrays mother of Naitik Singhania. A mother who is very protective of her son. Her journey came to an end in the show with her accident sequence in the serial. The show gave her immense popularity.



Sandeep MehtaSandeep Mehta- Sandeep plays the role of Naitik Singhania’s father as Rajshekhar Singhania. He depicted his different roles with immense honesty and hard work. He, after losing his first wife, marries another women on the insistence of his children.


Neelima TadepalliNeelima Tadepalli- Neelima essays the role of Sunaina who is pretty and sociable wife of Omkar Nath. She displays great understanding and sensitivity towards her family. Her character is mainly of a lady with sweet smile on her lips and streak of sadness in her eyes.


Manu MalikManu Malik- Manu Malik plays younger brother of Vishambhar Nath and is a nice man. His character has a sensitive heart which does not reveals his vulnerability to others. He believes in God but not in the rituals. He earned praise for his character by everyone.


Abhijit LahiriAbhijit Lahiri- He plays the role of Mahendra Pratap Singhania who is head of the family. His character was respected by everyone. People know him as Daddaji.



Medha SambutkarMedha Sambutkar- Medha portrayed the role of Kaveri Mahendra Pratap Singhania who is wife of Daddaji. People of her family calls her Bhabhimaa and loves her immensely. Being the elder member of the family, her decision plays an important role in every situation.


Other Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Cast

Few of the other actors who has been the part of the show are:

Reem SheikhReem Sheikh- Role: Prerna Singhania aka Chikki



Alpesh GehlotAlpesh Gehlot- Role: Samar



Navika KotiaNavika Kotia- Role: Prerna Singhania (Chikki)



Ali MerchantAli Merchant- Role: Rituraj (Akshara was to be fiancé)



Priyanka NayyarPriyanka Nayyar- Role: Lalita Mami



Anand ManiAnand Mani- Role: Bajinder Singh (Bhola)



Sunita RajwarSunita Rajwar- Role: Dhaniya



Aman SharmaAmann Shharma- Role: Anshumann



Roshan KhanRoshan Khan- Role: Gopi Dadi



Amardeep JhaAmardeep Jha- Role: Shankari Tai



Charu AsopaCharu Asopa- Role: Sneha



Divya BhatnagarDivya Bhatnagar- Role: Gulabo



Ayush AgarwalAyush Agarwal- Role: Mohit (Naitik’s best friend and Nandini’s husband)



Ather HabibAther Habib- Role: Akshara’s elder brother (Ex)



Yash GeraYash Gera- Role: Shaurya Maheshwari


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