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The Great Khali Biography, Family, Height, Diet, Wife, Career or More

Name- The Great Khali

Real Name- Dalip Singh Rana

Date of Birth- 27 August 1972

Age- 46 years(as in 2018)

Religion- Hindu

Nationality- Indian

Mother- Tandi Devi

Father- Jwala Ram

Sister– Not Known

Brother- Not Known

Marital Status/Marriage- Married to Harminder Kaur

Wife- Harminder Kaur

Son- N/A

Daughter- Avleen

Height- 7’1 approx.

Weight- 158kg approx.

Net Worth- N/A

The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana is an Indian-American professional wrestler, promoter and actor. He is primarily known for his wrestling career in WWE. Born on 27 August 1972, he completed his education from his hometown. The Great Khali has been one of the most popular names in the professional wrestling history. Ever since his debut in WWE in the year 2006, he has become the household name in India. Khali has a huge fan following. His fan base includes people from all the age and he has entertained his fans in ring for almost a decade.

The Great Khali Biography, Family, Height, Diet, Wife, Career or More

Facts About The Great Khali

  • Salman Khan is his Favorite Actor.
  • Gymming is his Hobby.
  • Eggs are his Favorite Food. His love for eggs were visible in reality show Bigg Boss season 4.
  • He used to work as a laborer and has also worked in a restaurant named Malibar Hill.
  • He later became an officer in the Punjab Police through his sports quota and along with his job he continued his bodybuilding.
  • However, his life changed after winning the Mr. India bodybuilding title in year 1995 and 1996.
  • Due to his immense hard work and dedication, he got selected for APW (All Pro Wrestling) in USA and finally made his debut in October 2000.
  • In the year 2006,he debuted in WWE with famous Diaviri.
  • In the year 2007, he won the reputed title of WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Khali was ranked at 83rd position among the top 500 wrestlers in PWI in the year 2008.
  • He is very religious and doesn’t like to drink or smoke. He is a follower of Indian spiritual guru Ashutosh Maharaj.
  • In the year 2015, he left WWE and opened his own wrestling school in Punjab named Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

The Great Khali Height

Khali is 7 Foot 1 inches tall in height. He is 8th tallest wrestler in the professional wrestling history. Though the reason behind his height is that he suffered from Acromegaly, i.e. abnormal growth of body.

The Great Khali Height, Family, Biography, Diet, Wife, Career or More
Great Khali Height

The Great Khali Diet

His diet is enormous as he has a huge body to maintain at 7 foot 1 inches and weight about 157kg. His diet includes a lot of protein to help him. In morning, Khali has fruits, drinks juice, 7-8 eggs, two quarts of milk and around 100gm of dried fruits. In the afternoon, he takes pulses, vegetables, rice, 1 kg chicken, dried fruits and eggs. Then in his dinner, he eats legumes, wheat bread, brown rice, cheese, 2l milk, 6 eggs along with huge intake of water. Apart from these, he also eats ice cream, curd, candies in his diet.

The Great Khali Family

He was born to Tandi Devi and Jwala Ram into a Hindu family of Dhiraina village of Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur District. Being one of the seven siblings belonging to a financially poor family, Khali did odd jobs to survive and fulfill everyone’s need in his initial phase.  He worked hard in the local gyms to become a wrestler while serving his duty as a Police in Punjab. Finally, with his hard work, he got selected for specialized wrestling training in the United States.

The Great Khali Career, Family, Height, Diet, Wife, Biography or More
Mother-Tandi Devi

The Great Khali Family, Biography, Height, Diet, Wife, Career or More

The Great Khali Wife

Khali is married to Harminder Kaur who is an actress based in India. She is primarily known for her role in the movie Kambdi Kalaai. The couple had an arrange marriage. Their parents just decided that they are made for each other and they tied the knot in fronts of their friends and family on 27th February 2002. The couple are blessed with a daughter named Avleen who was born on 26th February 2014.

The Great Khali Wife, Family, Height, Diet, Biography, Career or More
Wife-Harminder Kaur

The Great Khali Wiki, Family, Height, Diet, Wife, Career or More

The Great Khali Career

He started his career as a Police officer and initiated his wrestling career in the year 2000. Later in year 2006, he made his debut in WWE and in 2007, he won the title of WWE- World Heavyweight Champion. Khali is also two times CWE Heavyweight Champion. Khali is the 8th tallest wrestler in the professional history. In the year 2015, he left WWE and opened his own wrestling school in Punjab.

The Great Khali Television Shows/ Movies

Apart from a professional wrestler, Khali has been part of few movies and reality shows. Here is the list of movies and reality shows the wrestler has been part of:

2005The Longest YardTurley
2008Get SmartDalip
2010Bigg Boss 4Himself
2010MacGruberTug Phelps
2010Ramaa: The SaviourVali
2011OutsourcedFantasy Rajiv
2012HOUBA! On the Trail of the MarsupilamiBolo
2012Pair of KingsAtog The Giant


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